Crossword Solver

A simple web app to help solve crossword puzzles


A React Native mobile application for sports betting with a Tinder-like interface

Thomas Cook Inspirational Search

Pinterest style holiday search engine including holiday packages, articles, and pictures to inspire your next holiday

The Political Polarisation Simulator

A simulator for modelling political polarisation in social networks using Node.js and WebGL

Serverless GraphQL

A boilerplate set up for a Serverless application using AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and GraphQL

Code Crystal

Interactive D3.js based visualisation of the connections between files and node modules in a Node.js Github Project

Safey and Comfort Optimised Bike Routing

Customised Artificial Intelligence algorithmns for bike routing in Cambridge, MA and San Fransisco using open source street map data, and taking into account bike accident locations and road elevation

Exchange rate forecasting using business news sentiment

Time series modelling of UK/US exchange rates, with the addition of business news sentiment from The Guardian

Smart Scroll View

A keyboard aware scroll view component for React Native. Handles scrolling of the window to prevent the keyboard from obscuring the input area


A mocking library for the AWS SDK to help with testing. Uses sinon.js under the hood to stub AWS SDK calls (has over 10,000 downloads per month!)